SOCWeld – the digital WEB based weld management system, has been developed by Stage One Computing A/S.

Stage One Computing A/S offers consulting services, project management and projectexecution, manly in the pharmaceddical business, however, Stage One Computing A/S operate likewice in other businesses e.g. but not limeted to: energy, food, off shore, petrochemical. For more info check out http://www.stageone.dk/

Disclaimer for SOCWeld

The SOCWeld software is developed, documented, and fully owned by Stage One Computing A/S, in its entire lifetime, without limitation. Stage One Computing A/S has full intellectual right/property of the SOCWeld software.

Stage One Computing A/S has all the copyrights of the software and documentation, i.e. all rights reserved.  

Stage One Computing A/S has designed this program for prepare Weld Log in an electronic format. The program is intended for use within a GxP regulated area, but is provided as a “qualify yourself” application.

This means that Stage One Computing A/S vouches for the functionality, i.e. SOCWeld has been tested under IT laboratory conditions. It is, however, the responsibility of the end user(s) of the application to validate the SOCWeld system under the conditions in the end user’s IT set-up/ architecture.

When using SOCWeld, Stage One Computing A/S cannot in any way or by any means, take responsibility for the quality or the durability of the physical welded construction/ components, welded / manufactured by the end user. 

The end user has full responsibility for the quality and durability of physical welding.

Stage One Computing A/S cannot, in any way or any means, be responsible or liable for any business delay in terms of end user’s usage of the SOCWeld-log system.    

Stage One Computing reserves the right to use data for system wide calculations. No company specific data will be released for general use.