CHANGELOG 1.3.8, report 1.1.3 2021 11/01

Published 2021-11-17

CHANGELOG 1.3.8, report 1.1.3

Configure page: It is now possible to select either mm or inches for dimensions and thicknesses.
Files and Weld page: A WPS can now have dimension/thickness limitations for 2 components, instead of 1 set of general limitations that had to cover both components.
Weld page: It is now possible to sign for the same weld-Id on multiple drawings simultaneously, if the project allows so.

Minor changes:
Project, User, Configure and Weld page: Added help-icons.
Report page: Added short note concerning the general report generation time and showing the number of weldpoints in the project.
Weldlog Report: Added Symbol explanation on the Abbreviations page (due to the new multi-sign icons)
Weld page, weld details, tablet: Added a button that enlarges the dropdowns.
Weld page, weld Id button: The shown pop-up can now generate a QR code for the weld point.

Dashboard fix when logging into a new company (and the user had access to another company).
Deeplink functionality: If you use an URL-link, but are not logged in yet, then it remembers the URL, so when you log in, you are directed to the URL-page you were trying to access.
After a user has reset his password (when logging in for the first time for instance), then he no longer has to login afterwards, but is automatically logged in after the password reset.

Weld page, weld details: Removed ‘Weld shown on’ row, as the weld data only is shown when the corresponding weld drawing is shown as well.

Weld page: Small layout-update when viewing signing-info.
Dashboard page: Showing the project-note below the project-name in the middle of the page, instead of a short weldlog description.