Happy customer

Published February 23, 2021

Another happy customer benefits from SOCWeld digital quality report from SOCWeld

“Easy, fast and simple.” This is how Kjeld Lemke from Ferrosan Medical Devices talks about the use of SOCWeld, the digital welding documentation tool.

“SOCWeld has clearly raised the level of preparation of welding reports and made it super safe and transparent, compared to the old-fashioned way of doing it, i.e. the use of papers and signatures with a document pen”, says Kjeld Lemke further.

“With SOCWeld, we have it all digitally and manageable. No putting different PDF documents together.” “One tap on generate report, and you’ll have the entire weld report in seconds.”

Is 2021 also the year you go digital on something that used to cost oceans of time? Call us on 21 95 14 54 or 81409977 and hear about your benefits.
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